Our Teachers

Our teachers make all the difference!  We're highly trained and certified by Music Together in young children's music development.

We attend workshops throughout each year to keep us fresh so we can create joyful, satisfying classes with a focus on real learning.

photo Melissa Monforti

Hi I'm Melissa and I started teaching Music Together in 2005.  I strive to make every music class experience something that touches the music spirit of everyone in the room.  That’s my way of making the world a better place, one song at a time.”

photo Mathew Smith

Mathew Smith completed Music Together training in 2004 and spent three years teaching in San Francisco. He started taking piano lessons as a child and now also plays guitar, drums, and sings in a choir. He has been working with young children for over 20 years, holding an Early Childhood Credential from SF State University. He finds Music Together a great music program for children and their families.

photo Jacquie Van Horne

Jacquie Van Horne has been a registered Music Together teacher since summer of 2007. She grew up singing a capella and loves being a part of using artistic expression as a way to build community and strengthen family and community bonds. She brings her passion for free expression, laughter, and a village style music and movement experience to every single class. Jacquie is a mother of two children and has also been a teacher working with children for well over a decade. She is super excited and honored to be a part of your family music experience.

photo Jo Daley

Hi I'm Jo and I started teaching Music Together in 2002.  I just love it!  Singing and dancing are a joyful part of being human. It brings the community together and helps us create loving memories to last a lifetime.


photo Merrie Dooley

Hi I'm Merrie! I started teaching Music Together in 2010.  I have a degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Colorado and I've worked in various musical shows throughout Denver.  I love kids and am thrilled to be able to marry my love of music with my total love of kids!

photo Kathryn Keach

Hi I'm Kathryn! I started teaching Music Together in 2015.  I have loved singing since before I could speak and have that in common with so many babies. I feel blessed to share my enthusiasm and wit in the classroom to open up a world of language, relation, joy and movement through music.

photo Sunnie Haeger

 Sunnie began teaching Music Together in 2017.  She has a background as a musician and performer

and teaches teaches piano and voice lessons.

photo Alisha Bashaw

Alisha Bashaw teaches Kids Music Tour (ages 4-8). She is overjoyed to work alongside curious and musically-minded kiddos! She has loved music since she was a toddler, and is thrilled to share that passion with other youngsters. Alisha loves singing, dancing, musical theater, guitar, drums, piano, and ukulele.. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and works with general mental health and Equine Assisted Therapy during the days, and is delighted to combine her passions into music classes for eager minds!